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Frequently asked questions on Boatkeep

When was Boatkeep created?

2022. We are pretty new to the game but we plan on getting the best boat info to you ASAP. You can learn more about our mission on our about page.

Who is behind Boatkeep?

We are two people passionate about boats and technology. Benjamin is the designer, Jonah is the engineer. Together we plan on utilizing the latest tech tools and boating knowledge to create one of the best places online to get quality maintenance resources.

How does Boatkeep make money?

Our site runs on two business models: advertising and affiliation. Advertising: as you will see, some pages on Boatkeep have ads one them. If you click on that ad, we will make a little bit of money. We will make sure that every time you see an ad, you will know it is one. That's only fair. Affiliation links: our resources sometimes call for specific products to be used, so we recommend some under the recommended products section, and if you click on one and buy it, we make a little bit of money as well.

How does Boatkeep decides which resource to create next?

We decide on which article to create next using two inputs. The first one is the backlog of our boat resource request form. As our dear users and visitors, you can suggest us article ideas, and we will build the ones with the most votes. This is not the only way we decide though, because, as our business model suggests, we need high volume of users. We also look at SEO tools and estimate volumes of searches on specific topics. What we build is most often a combination of the two things mentioned above, we create articles that have high search volumes and that our current visitors want.

How can I get in touch with the Boatkeep team?

Use! We look forward to reading you.

Why does Boatkeep needs cookies?

We use cookies because we need to understand how people use the site in order to optimize for both user happiness and also revenue. Cookies also allow us to customize the experience based on your previous sessions. Finally, cookies is the technology on which our business model relies on. If you click on one of our recommended products or ads and you have cookies turned off, we wont be able to get revenue from that action.

How much information does Boatkeep have on its users?

We use basic analytics tools like Google Analytics which naturally prevents us from know you as an individual. For example, we know 1120 people spend this amount of time on avereage on these X specific pages, but we have absolutly no ways to know who these people are, their personal information, their email.

Boat on the water with indicators added to the image to show our different boat resource categoriesBoat on the water with indicators added to the image to show our different boat resource categoriesBoat on the water with indicators added to the image to show our different boat resource categories
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