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We help boat owners do their own repairs and maintenance by gathering video tutorials and enabling people to vote for the best ones.
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Gathering tutorials from the best places

There are many websites with amazing boat tutorials and articles. Boatkeep brings them all together in one place.
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Discussing specific brands and models

Not every boat is the same, not every engine in the same, not every repair in the same. Our community likes to dig deep.
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The community adds and votes for the best tutorials

Boatkeep is a community of people who do their own repairs and maintenance. We all know something that could be useful to someone else. We add resources and vote on for the most useful ones.
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Repair and maintain your boat with our community driven resource center.

How does Boatkeep work

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Find boat and engine-specific topics

You can easily search and filter through thousands of topics and resources until you find the thing you want to work on.
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Upvotes help you choose the right resource

Finding a tutorial is easy, knowing if it’ll work for you or if it’s even any good, that can be more challenging. Upvotes help the community filter through the noise quickly.
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Contribute topics and resources, edit notes

Boat owners are hard wired to help one another. If you know a great tutorial, add a resource. If you have a question, add a topic. And if you feel like contributing to a note, go for it.

Boatkeep in numbers

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Our mission

We want boat owner to spend more time on the water, enjoying their boat.

We believe in the power of collaboration between boat owners. We are building a community that works together to create, categorize, and curate the largest collection of boat resources. We do that so boat owners can save money, get to know their boat even better, and enjoy them longer.